Genealogy family tree photo couple with babyPiecing Together Your Family History

Your family history is a story that is a unique tapestry of experiences.  And with each generation, threads of that story fall victim to our human memories.  Now is the best time to begin the process of saving your story for those yet to come.

Perhaps you have already compiled or inherited family data.  Or perhaps you are just beginning to record your past.  In either event, Missing Pieces is here to help you preserve those amazing family stories, photos and records in a way that can be appreciated by your children’s children and those still to come.  We use proven genealogical techniques and in depth investigation to verify the raw information found.

Our goal at Missing Pieces is to gather the hidden treasures of your family’s past and return them to you.  We will expertly locate vital records, news articles, obituaries, land grants, and court records.  We take our guidance from you, the client.  Every tapestry is unique and the information and records found will always be as different as the lives of the people who lived them.  Your options for our services are varied and include the ability to direct our researchers on who or where to concentrate.

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